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progetto CMR
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Progetto CMR is a company specialized in integrated design that was established in 1994 with the goal to create a flexible, efficient and sustainable architecture starting from an in-depth analysis of the customers’ needs.
It has 13 branches in the world and more than 160 architects and engineers. Project CMR designs combining experimental dimension and multidisciplinary skills to improve both the natural and built environment.
Such an approach leads to developing design solutions capable of supporting customers in achieving excellent results, generating sustainable value.

And if words are not enough to describe one of the players most representative in the world in the architecture field, looking at their portfolio on their brand new website created by Purelab, it gets so clear how much their projects speak for them: from the centers of important multinational companies, hotels and residential complexes up to the application for the construction of the new stadium of San Siro in Milan.

CMR mobile website project
progetto architettura


Purelab implemented a mobile first approach, with light, flexible pages, accessible from the main browsers and with a code compliant with current programming standards in order to create a website following the guide lines given by the team of Progetto CMR.

Through the creation of customized modules, now the team of Progetto CMR is able to visually compose on its own the pages and create customized layouts (portfolio projects, case histories) as well as publish textual contents and recurrent updates (news and press releases).

Search Engine Optimization

To complete online activities, we managed the positioning of the website, that is multilingual and navigable in 3 languages: Italian, English and Chinese.

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