UNHCR ‘Christmas Lights’ Campaign 2017

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The Concept of the Campaign

There are lights that warm your heart, as the Christmas ones. Other lights on the contrary just frighten and don’t leave you with any other choice than escape to save your life.

For refugees the lights at Christmas are the flashes of bombs and mark the beginning of fear and cold.

Lights like those that Mahmoud saw on that terrible night of 5 years ago in Syria, together with his wife and their daughters, Hala and Aya, only 3 and 4 years old.

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The creative Brief

The goal of the campaign is to spread a simple but at the same time urgent, almost apocalyptic message that effectively conveys the message that the aid required is necessary for the survival of thousands of people.

A message that highlights the contrast of a normal Christmas to spend with your family versus a Christmas away from your home and with nothing, condition of life suffered by refugees around the world.

A pure fundraising campaign that uses of all the main engagement tools, that drives conversion and is able to stand out on the many Christmas campaigns that other non-profit organizations will activate in the same period.


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