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Brera, whose name comes from “brayda”, term of Longobard origin in use in the Middle Ages that means grassy field, is a district of Milan where you can find the showroom of Maurizio Baldassari. In that field, over the years, the heart of fashion and design was born and grew, and we at Purelab have followed Brera’s experience starting from a few to realize a new graphic concept that could give a refresh to this reality, without distorting the identity that for years has identified the Maurizio Baldassari brand as one of the references abroad of Made in Italy and elegance in men’s clothing.

Collezione Maurizio Baldassari
maurizio baldassari alta moda


Bringing our experience in the field of photos and videos and graphic design, we have rethought the image of the brand creating a new presence on the web given by a website with an original layout that shows the variety of proposals in the field of fashion proposed by Maurizio Baldassari.



With almost 50 stores located in the US, the central aspect of the project was rethinking all printed material: that is the catalogues “Look Book” and “Never out of stock”. Therefore we have rethought the layout and the artwork aligning it to the brand new website.